A sorority recommendation letter is a type of a letter which is written by a person to recommend a female for a sorority organization or group in a college or in the society. Such a letter is used to state the positives of the female and must be formal in nature. A sample of a sorority recommendation letter is given below.

Sample Sorority Recommendation Letter :


Sarah Marshall

Head, Women’s welfare organization

Putney, London

Date: 10th September 2014

Subject: sorority recommendation letter

Dear Miss Marshall,

I, Patricia Ahern am writing this letter to you to recommend my dear friend and ex-class member Miss Trisha Anderson for your sorority organization. I am confident that she will do an excellent job in this organization and will be a great addition to your wonderful cause.

I have known Miss Anderson for 5 years, ever since she was my class mate in the Maths Hons Post graduate course.  She was always engaged in many welfare organizations and causes for the college and its students. She was particularly interested in promoting welfare of females and also started a movement which helped many blind females find the right means of education within the University. She was a very helpful class mate and never denied anyone a chance to help and be useful.

I am very sure that she is a wonderful candidate for any sorority, more so yours because of her experience and charming personality. I hope you will consider this recommendation.

Thanking you


Patricia Ahern