Mr. Richard Dreyfuss

35621, Holy Meadow Drive,

Los Angeles,



Date- 15th February 2014

Sub – school recommendation letter

Dear Mr. Dreyfuss,

Please find this letter as a recommendation for the John Hopkins Primary School. I am a parent just like you, and when I came to know from our mutual friends that you are looking for a good school to enroll your five year old son in, I thought that you should try out the John Hopkins Primary School.

My son is also a five year old and I have to admit that I am extremely happy with the progress that he is making after attending the school. The school employs a 1:10 teacher student ratio, which means that your school gets the attention he needs. Moreover, they syllabus and the curriculum has been arranged in such a way that the children do not feel bogged down by the pressure of studies.

Where the extra-curricular activities of the school are concerned, they take ample care to hone the individual talents of the students. The classrooms of the John Hopkins Primary School are big and airy. Parents can easily talk to the administrator for any concerns regarding the development of the student.

I hope I have been able to provide the address of a good school for your child.

Thanking You

Rebecca Miller

67432, Morning Glory Circle,

Los Angeles,