A recommendation letter for a friend is a letter used by a person to recommend a friend for a job position or any other program or position. The letter must state the reasons for recommending the candidate and how she/he can prove useful for the job/program. Given below is a sample of a recommendation letter for a friend.

Sample Recommendation Letter for a Friend:


Jane Adams

Hiring officer

Jacob Food Chain

West Putney, Eastern block, springs street,


Date: 10th July 2014

Subject: recommendation letter for a friend

Respected Ma’am,

This letter is in reference to the job position of the junior accountant at your food chain. I, Pristina Clarks am writing to you to recommend a friend and an ex-colleague John Dawson for this position.  I am confident that he will prove to be a worthy candidate for this post.

I have known John first as a colleague and then as a friend at my work tenure at Pearl Corporation. He and I both worked as accountants in the company and thus I have known him closely both personally and professionally. I can guarantee you that he is a great accountant with superb mathematical, accounting and financial skills and possesses a huge capacity for working long hours.

He is not just responsible but also very active and passionate about his work. He will never disappoint you and will perform better than your expectations each time. A great employee to have, John will fulfill all your requirements better than anyone else.

Thanking you

Pristina Clarks