A personal recommendation letter is a type of a recommendation letter which is made more on a personal basis rather than a professional one. These letters may too be used to recommend someone for employment or training but are written by someone who has had a personal association with the candidate.

Sample Personal Recommendation Letter:


Bryan Adams

Senior HR Manager

Roberto Fashion Line

Q-56, second floor, Potter’s enclave, London

Date: 10th March 2014

Subject: making a personal recommendation

Dear Mr. Adams

I, Henry Black am proudly recommending you the most suitable and deserving candidate for the job position of a marketing manager at your prestigious fashion line. The candidate that I am talking about is George Bailey. Mr. Bailey is one of my closest friends for 10 years and I impartially believe that he can do wonders for your company.

George has been my dear friend for the longest time and during this time I observed him to have an exceptionally creative business mind. His sense of fashion, marketing and his superb communication skills will prove very useful for your business and even on searching you won’t find someone so passionate about selling products to the right audience. I truly believe that Mr. Baileys grasp of business and his sincerity will help your company in many ways.

I hope you do consider my recommendation as this is something that I am no doing as a favor to George but as a sincere recommendation to your company.

Feel free to contact me for more information.

Yours sincerely,

Henry Black