Letter of Recommendation for Student

By | April 30, 2014


Ms. Jeannie Lawson


Terry Hatcher Memorial Middle School,

67432, Green Wood Drive,

Los Angeles,



Date – 15th February 2014

Sub – letter of recommendation for student

Dear Ms. Lawson,

Please find this letter as a recommendation for an ex-student of our school, John Baptist Middle School, for an outstanding student, Ms. Alexis Adams. As a teacher and a principal it gives me immense pleasure to write this recommendation for her.

She is a well brought up and well rounded student, with values and etiquette. Not only is she academically a resource for the school, but also excels in sports. She has represented our school in the state level annual swimming competition and has come back with a gold medal. Her academic records are impeccable too. She is punctual and does her homework every day and none of her teachers have had to complain about her studies.

She is a very well balanced individual as well. I am aware that she is also a member of the nature club of the school and the debating society. In the annual open house organised by the school, I have had the good fortune of meeting her parents as well, who are equally grounded and say that they let Alexis do whatever she feels like, without pressuring her. I am happy to find that this parenting technique has done wonders for her.

Alexis is also a pianist and plays regularly in concerts. The teaching staff of our school, which includes me as well, was heartbroken when we came to know that her father has been transferred to Los Angeles, and that she would leave.

With great pride, I write this recommendation letter for her and wish her all the luck for her future.

Thanking You

Paul Richards,


John Baptist Middle School,

78432, Ridge Hill Drive,