A letter of recommendation for nursing school is generally written by a person recommending a student for a nursing course that the he/she wants to pursue. This letter also serves as a proof for reviewing committee that candidate is up to the mark to pursue the course. Below given is a sample of letter.

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Nursing School:


The Review Committee,
Greenland Nursing College

3rd June 2014

Sub: Recommendation for Mary Jones

Dear Sir,

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Mary Jones, a brilliant student of our school to pursue her further studies at your reputed college. While attending my lectures, she showed herself as an energetic and meticulous student. We regularly discussed a variety of healthcare topics beyond the scope of my course, and I was surprised by her extraordinary nursing abilities and creativity of her ideas.

Mary has always been interested in the medical field and it is no wonder that she has spent all her free time in the biology lab during her tenure at Green Valley High School. Her majors at school included biology, chemistry and physics which are an obvious pointer to where her career is going.

Mary wants to join Greenland Nursing College as soon as she finishes her diploma here and I recommend her completely for this course as I believe in her ability to be the best of the best. I wish her good luck for what she intends to do with her life and I am confident that she will be an absolute asset to your school. If any other information is needed from my side, please feel free to contact me on 79700-7789.


Alfred Jose

Senior Lecturer

Green Valley High School