Ms. Thelma Richardson

67321, Morning Glory Circle,

Los Angeles,



Date – 15th February 2014

Sub – landlord recommendation letter

Dear Ms. Richardson,

Please find this letter as a recommendation letter for my ex tenants, Mr. and Mrs. Brown. They were my tenants for two years and one month from December 2011 to January 2014. While they were my tenants, I was extremely happy with the cordial relationship we shared and the lifestyle they led.

They were always on time and did not come home late or create a ruckus with loud music and parties. They were neat and tidy and cared for my home just as I would have. The Browns were also on time when it came to paying the rent. Since they were my tenants for two years and a month, we had become close as families and the bond still runs deep.

They were a newly married couple when they came to my house as tenants and we were so happy to welcome their son, a year later. Mr. Brown, a bank employee, is a dependable and responsible man, who loves and takes care of his family, and is mild mannered. Mrs. Brown too is a mild mannered woman and is very good when handling her son. She is a primary school teacher and loves children.

I wish they could be our tenants even now, but since, Mr. Brown was transferred, they had to seek an apartment elsewhere. I wish them all the best for their future.

Thanking You

Paul Adams

78432, Green Wood Drive,