Dr. Bruce Wayne

Head of the Department,

Department of Applied Physics,

University of California,

67321, Morning Hill Avenue,

Los Angeles,



Date – 16th February 2014

Sub – fellowship recommendation letter

Dear Dr. Wayne,

I am very happy and proud to write this letter for my student at the Los Angeles Community College, Ms. Catherine Middleton. Ms. Middleton is interested in pursuing a Master’s Programme in Applied Physics and has already been accepted at the University of California. She informed me recently about this, and also that she needed a recommendation letter from me, as her current professor.

Catherine is a gifted student with an academic bent of mind and hence, I am confident that she deserves to be in this programme. In the three years that I have been her professor, I have hardly seen her miss college. Along with a love for the subject in particular and academics in general, she is also a gifted writer, who contributes articles related to the subject she is pursuing in the college magazine, every month. A stable and balanced individual, Catherine is also a flautist par excellence.

I am confident that when she completes her master’s programme in Applied Physics from the University of California, she will prove to be a valuable addition to the fraternity. I wish her all the success in the future.

Thanking You

Dr. Jennifer Watson

Department of Physics,

Los Angeles Community College,

78432, South Hill Drive,

Los Angeles,