Sales Proposal Letter

By | December 12, 2013


George Collins

Purchase Officer

KYC Analytics Inc.

Miami, Florida

4th June, 2013

Subject: Sales Proposal for Complete Printer and Copier Solutions

Dear Sir,

Zion Paper-works is a renowned name in the Printing and Paper Industry. We have been operating in United Sates of America for the past twenty six years and have served some of the major corporations in the country. We offer printers and photo copy machines which are of pristine quality and helps in increasing the efficiency and work rate of any office due to the quick response print software installed in them. Our machines are currently used by companies such as Microsoft Inc. and Coca Cola who have praised our machines for their uniqueness in providing good quality prints in very less time.

We also offer blank papers of various sizes, which help in drafting of letters and creating samples for advertisement purposes. Our True Tone Cartridges installed on our printers work in perfect harmony with our blank papers and they produce crystal clear images and prints. Enclosed with this letter are sample of our blank papers in various sizes. Also attached are fives images that have been printed with our machines, for your perusal. Kindly let us know if you liked our samples so that our sales personnel can pay a visit to you to look after your requirements.

Thanking You

Zion Paper-works

Miami, Florida