Andrew Adams

Senior Research Fellow

Oxford University

Wellington Square, Oxford

United Kingdom

16th September, 2012

Subject: Proposal to undertake research project on economic development

Dear Sir,

It is a matter of extreme prestige and honor that I am getting the opportunity to express my desire to undertake a research position in your esteemed university. The subject on which I wish to take up the research work is “The revival of the Euro and development of second world countries in Europe”. I feel this subject is still not properly studied and genuinely needs in depth analysis on the economic situation in the European Countries such as Greece, Poland and Austria which is degrading. This has also pulled the value of Euro as a currency and is likely to affect the world economy in the near future.

I have already discussed the subject matter with a number of professors across the country and they all have recommended that Oxford University would be the best place to conduct my research studies and I would definitely receive every support I need from the university. I am greatly looking forward to working as a research assistant and lend my studies for the development of mankind.

Thanking You

Brad Zenith