Ron Kingston

The Administrative Officer

Mt. Harmon College, Chelsea

United Kingdom

15th August, 2012

Subject: Branding Activity for Health Drink in College Premises

Dear Sir,

We at Stanley Agro Ltd. are a well-known name in the Agro Foods industry. We excel in the production of processed food, ready to eat foods and canned foods. We are planning to diversify in the area of health drinks and our targeted customer base is the college students within the age group of 18 to 28. We need your support in this regard as we plan to do a nationwide campaigning of our health drink in all the prestigious colleges.

We regard your college as one of the best colleges in the country and thus we would like to organise an event in your college which will involve an interactive quiz show that will bring out the need to start taking care of the body from an early age to prevent age related health issues. We will be organising the event inside your campus and the involvement of the college students is most important. We seek your permission and moral support in this regard. We hope to hear from you at the earliest.

Thanking You

Stanley Agro Ltd.

London, United Kingdom