Duke Stoner

15/1, Willis Road

New York, USA

15th January, 2012

Subject: Bid Proposal

Dear Sir

I Peter Hughes am a small trader and I primarily deal with second hand furniture. I have seen your advertisement regarding sale of your used furniture and I wish to buy them at premium price compared to other bids that you have received. Further details about the bid are herewith enclosed with the letter.  I will repair these furniture pieces and will sell them again, which is my line of business and is precisely the reason I am willing to pay a higher price. I do have the requisite trade license and will fill out the paperwork with you for buying the furniture.

I have taken a look at the list of furniture that has been put up for sale by you. Kindly make sure you do not sell them to anyone because I intend to by the entire set and not individual pieces. The set of sofas and the matching tables are something that I am looking at as they can demand a good price once refurnished. Kindly reply to my proposal, and I will contact you with the necessary details.

Thanking You

Peter Engel