A letter which is written to an employee to congratulate him and inform him about a promotion in a company is known as a congratulations promotion letter to employee.  The letter should give the position of promotion and the other relevant details. A sample is given below.

Sample Congratulations Promotion Letter to Employee:


Sarah Jones


Fredson Law Firm

53rdPark Avenue, Jackson road, Billy end

London, United Kingdom

Date: 13rd May 2014

Subject: congratulations for your promotion

Dear Miss Jones,

Congratulations! We are very happy to inform you that you have been promoted from the position of a receptionist to the personal assistant to Mr. Henry Banks, the senior criminal lawyer at this firm. Hope that you will be willing to take this challenge up in high spirits.

Your track record as a receptionist has been impeccable and Mr. Banks was particularly impressed by your organizational skills, hardworking nature and ability to multi-task.  We realize that this is a huge leap for you but are confident that you will be able to live up to it well. Your monthly salary from now onwards will be $1500 per month. To understand your new role and refreshed responsibilities, kindly speak to Miss Jessica Parker who too works in the same capacity for Mr. Nathan Andrews.

The position of a personal assistant to an attorney is very important for a law company and we thus request you to be more energetic, attentive and better coordinated from now onwards.

Congratulations again

Thanking you

Valeria Adams