As the year ends and a new year will start, it is an important thing that students must appreciate every single people around them including their teachers who became a good mentor to them. A letter can be a simple method to employ but it will mean so much to the teachers when they receive it coming from your heart and effort.

Sample New Year Letter to Teacher

To Ms. Fields Goodman,

We the third grade Jupiter class wants to say a happy New Year to our jolly and inspiring teacher Ms. Fields. As one of our finest mentor in our school, you are the adviser that never gives up and do some tricks that you can only do so we can understand the lessons well. You do the role as our class advisor and show your concern to us.

You always make sure that each one of us is not left behind in the class and checks if we really do the assignments like we should, with that we appreciate your enthusiasm in teaching us and imparting your experiences to us so we could make better decisions in life even if we are just third graders who just know to play and have fun in school when its break time. We will learn more things in our life and you lay us the stepping stone we should step on in order to have the will to achieve our dreams in life. We only wish for you and to your family to have a good health and countless blessings in any forms be with you always, we as your class students will listen and follow you all the time.


Mr. Pring Gless

President, III-Jupiter