A Happy New Year letter to family is a special way to express the love within the members of the family. As the year will turn into another year, we want to celebrate and reminiscing the past of the good memories. Through a letter we want to have our families on our side and keep something valuable in this kind of greeting letter. Here is a sample:

Sample New Year Letter to Family

To my Family,

Hello there, I hope you are in good condition specially our kids, Happy New Year to you my love, please send my warmest regards to our children and tell them how I really love them. This year here has been a cold season for us and it’s been hard to me being far away from you and to our family. I may be far away in your side but I always remind myself that this is just a little sacrifice for a better life for our family. Just a little bit patience and I will be home for the next two months.

I want to make this year one of the most beautiful one in our life as a family. Just always tell our children to be good and follow all our preach to them as it is for own sake why we do this, let them reminded of my presence with the gifts I gave them last Christmas and be better in school so they can be whatever they want to be. My love, just smile when you are sad and call me when you are longing for my presence. I love you so much, my children, take care and always pray.

Yours truly,