New Year is an event to be celebrated. As we move on from the past and previous years, we welcome the coming of more years. A New Year greeting is a special way that employees and staffs can do to their boss or employer. This letter is a good start to continue serving the company with your boss. Here is a sample:

Sample New Year Letter to Boss

Dear Boss,

Happy New Year and a superb holiday to our very responsible boss of the year, we know you are a little dominant and infuriated when some of your orders are not met especially to some project deadlines. I know that it’s annoying and irritating to us when you do that bossy stuff but I understand that you only do that as you only want t meet the demands of our clients and do the role as our manager. Not all of us understand your work but we know that you are just doing the right thing for the company and to our jobs as well.

We wish all the goodness of God be poured into you, your family and dreams in life. All of your staff is gullible in your ability and skills as our department manager even if some of us don’t give a care for you. We hope that you will still the same responsible and considerable manager we need in our area so we can be at our peak and achieve the target we want to have. Thank you so much boss for everything you have done for us, we learn a lot from you and you will be the role model we should be in our career.

Yours truly,

Ms. Pie Nereid