A New Year sample letter to customers is a great way to show the greetings to your valued customers or clients. It is not only intended for a New Year greeting but also a way to remember your customers and communicates well to them through a letter. Here is a sample:

Happy New Year Letter Sample to Customers

To all of our customers,

The King Chao Restaurant is greeting you a happy New Year for you and your family; you as our customer yearning that you are in good status, we would like to reach our deepest gratitude and celebrate the New Year with us as we are preparing to have a half the price meals of any kind this coming week. Our restaurant is well known to its noodles and fried rice which you as our customer have been a supporter for more than a decade.

With this little appreciation gift we hope that you could celebrate the holidays with us and feel the true happiness of being with your family this New Year. Without you, we won’t survive the never ending competition in the food industry as you always go back to our place and share the happiness with us. For the whole week we are giving all of our meals half the price in all kinds from appetizers to drinks. Also we will give some take away home roasted duck as sign of good fortune to your home. The King Chao Restaurant cares for their customers and will be responsible to give the food that our customers’ wants most all day of the year.