Happy New Year letter samples are of different structure and styles. Using the advance technology, the letters are personalized and made something unique and special. There are samples for happy New Year intended for different age group and kind of people. As long as the greeting for happy New Year stays, there will be no fruitful other than making a letter that comes from the heart. Here is a sample

Happy New Year Letter Sample

Dear Father,

Another year has come to our life and as our sole provider, I want to say a happy new year to all of us especially to you as you always been the responsible man that we always adored in our family. Let the bad memories and disobedience I have done to you be vanished into your memories so we can move on to a brighter tomorrow. You always make our New Year a complete and memorable one to all of us, so we want to make the same thing for you, even if we are in the same house.

We will make our year today a well spent time for all of us as we are migrating to Canada as a whole family and celebrate your birthday there with us. I know this is your dream to be able to go abroad for once in your life so we are giving it to you; we wish you more blessings to your life, be as strong man with sincere and kind heart. Your grandchildren are waiting for you here so you can take a good care of them and teach them some life lessons like you did for us before. We love you Dad and I am proud to say that you are my Father.

Yours truly,

Manny Pasco