New Year is a celebration day for all. As we thank all the blessings that we have received from the past years, we keep on struggling and facing with confidence the coming of another year. Aside from letters, an advance method of sending our greetings to someone can be through an electronic mail. The management of the company will always find time to greet and appreciate their employees by simply creating a happy new year via email.

Sample Happy New Year Email to Employees

To all of our workers,

The Coke Soda Company would want to send you our sincere regards and a wonderful year may arrive into your doorstep this moment. We are writing this letter to thank all of our enthusiastic staffs who work nonstop in order to have a better formula of our drinks that our customer wants a lot. With our revenues high and the recognition of our drink has been well known internationally since last year, we are glad to say that we are giving extra Christmas bonus of whole month pay this January, this is our way of saying thank you to our hardworking staffs and loyal employees in this company.

The company is looking forward to have a better working relationship to all of its employees so we could be better in serving the drinks that our clients want here and abroad. May we start this year right and end it right as no one else would benefit to our hard work but us. We wish all the best things in life be granted unto you and your family and may be this gift be the start of that. Once again the Board Members wish you a good life and happy holidays!