Marketing Recommendation Letter

By | August 30, 2014

A marketing recommendation letter is a kind of a letter which is written by a person to make a recommendation about a marketing employee on the basis of the candidate’s good track record, skills and education. These letters must be written in a formal tone and a sample has been given below for reference.

Sample Marketing Recommendation Letter:


Joseph Timothy

HR Manager

Potter International Company

Gerald road west, London

Date: 2nd June 2014

Subject: marketing recommendation letter

Respected Mr. Joseph

I, Peter Ahern, the marketing head at Gregson International am writing this letter to you to recommend a highly skilled and talented candidate for the position of the marketing executive in your company.  I recommend Mr. Josh Black for this post with the confidence that he will be able to meet all your requirements.

I have known Mr. Black for 3 years, ever since he was employed at Gregson International as a marketing intern. He slowly made his way up the ladder and worked as a marketing executive for a period of 1 year. I was his trainer and senior for all these 3 years of our association and have known him to be extremely hardworking and skilled. He possesses exceptional creativity, strong interpersonal skills and a great marketing mind. Apart from this, he has suitable educational qualifications to do well at any marketing position. I see a bright future for him and can recommend him without any hesitation.

You can call me for any doubts or questions,

Thanking you

Peter Ahern

Gregson International