Marketing Letter for New Product

By | September 1, 2014

A marketing letter for new product is a letter which is written by a person to market and sell a certain new product produced by a manufacturer or a company. These letters are like sales pitch letters which talk about the positives of the product to a client.

Sample Marketing Letter for New Product:


Mathew Taylor

Senior Vice President

Kell Departmental store chain


Date: 10th April 2014

Subject: introducing new product

Respected Mr. Mathew

I, Jack Anderson, the senior marketing manager at Krack and Pack international Foods am writing this letter to you to introduce a new ready to eat line up of food products manufacturer by our firm.  We realize that fast foods and ready to eat items are the most in-demand food products for this generation of busy people and our new product totally gives them what they most need.

Our new line up of food items is called ‘Krack’s Ready to eat’ and consists of 7 varieties of ready to eat food items including frozen pizza, frozen tacos, frozen spring rolls, frozen cheesy nuggets, frozen fries,  frozen potato rolls and frozen burgers.  These products only need to be fried and go well with our range of dips and sauces.  You are one of your trusted clients and we hope that you would give these food items a try. We are sure that they will directly connect with our customers and give them a new way to enjoy their meals, when in hurry.

Samples of each of these items are being sent with this letter,

Thanking you,

Jack Anderson

Senior marketing manager

Krack and Pack International Foods