Dear Amanda,

I hope this letter finds you in pink of health. You must be really surprised to receive a letter from me, when I could simply dial your number and talk to you over the phone. I chose to write to you because I feel words would explain this better and bring out the exact feelings out of me.

Amanda, I have known you since childhood and have confided in you with the most personal issues. We have always thought of each other as good friends. But I realised that you are no longer just a good friend, but a lot more than that. I feel so complete with you and without you, I feel insecure and completely at loss. You have captivated my heart like no one has ever done.

I love to spend time with you. Whenever you are around, everything seems perfect. However, my confession does not mean that you have to feel likewise. This letter is a token of my love towards you. I want to take the opportunity to ask you if you want to be my life partner. Please let me know what you feel about this. I promise we will always remain friends, irrespective of your reply.

With lots of love from your best friend.

Yours lovingly,