Love Letter to him

By | March 13, 2014

To the love of my life Harry,

I never knew that love carries such a sweet meaning, till the time I met you. Harry, your love made me realize that I was truly missing an essential part of my life and since the day I got you, I feel so complete. This is a little gesture to thank you for all the times when you have loved me with your open heart, for the promises that you have made, for the moments that we have shared and for the happiness that you have given.

I love the sound of your voice in my ears. I love everything in you and I am sure that our love is going to last for years. You have always pampered me like a little baby and I see my future with you happily. The feelings that I carry for you in my heart are so blissfully true and I wish to be with you all through. I am in so much love with you that I just can’t imagine a second without you.

With you, I get this feeling that there is nothing in the world that we cannot together achieve. I love you and I will continue to love for ages.

Yours and only yours,