To my dearest darling Susanne,

I just want to tell you that I am in deepest love with you and you are really a dream come true. Please know that I can’t think a second without you and I miss you all through. You are simply the best and of course above the rest. I love you for what you are and promise me that we shall never be far.

The first time when I saw you, my heart skipped a beat and since then my life seems to be complete. Since I have met you, I keep on thinking about the way you smile, the paths that we have covered for miles and miles, the way you pamper me in style and the caring nature that you show to me all the while.

You are surely a divine princess of my life and with you, I feel the moments of real paradise. With you, I have surely experienced the meaning of true love and your presence to me is surely a blessing from above.

Sweetheart, this was just a little gesture to put my heart across to you, always remember that my feelings for you are so pure and true. I love you dear!