To my love Martha,

Today is your birthday and I don’t want to miss an opportunity to tell you how happy I am that you came to this world and made a way into my life. I never knew that I will have someone like you but I am glad that you are with me .Through this letter, I wish to shower my heartfelt wishes and blessings on your birthday and I pray for your eternal life.

Your birthday is a perfect occasion for me to tell you why I love you so much. It is because of your generosity, your simplicity, the way you care, and for the love that you share. I feel so blessed to have such a divine princess like you in my life. On your birthday, I pray to GOD that I get an opportunity to spend many such birthdays with you and would wish that all your dreams come true.

I am grateful for all the times when you stood by my side, for all the times when you motivated me to rise, for all the times you showered your love and for this day which is surely a blessing from GOD above. Happy birthday once again!


Bob Walt