Funny Love Letter

By | March 14, 2014

Dear Perry,

Well, I feel it as a great pleasure to inform you that I have fallen in love with you from the day when I saw you in the movie hall. This is in reference to the sweet smile that you passed to me, the red hot leather boots that you were wearing and the gentle touch to your hair that you were showing. Through this letter, I would like to present you a love offer, accepting which you would be called my princess, my girlfriend and the love of my life.

I want to make few things clear to you. This offer states that whenever we will be going on a date, all the expenses would be on me. If our relationship grows better, I would be gifting you a beautiful dress in which you will appear like my divine princess. The real motive of addressing such a hilarious love letter to you is to let you know that I feel for you and I wish to spend my life with you.

If by any chance you do not agree to accept this love letter, you are free to pass on this letter to another beautiful lady, your own sister, Dolly. Just kidding, I love you and I want to hear a yes from you.