Darling Emma,

Today, we are completing three years of our togetherness and it feels like that I have met you yesterday. I wish you a very happy anniversary my darling and I look forward to spend everlasting years with you. The day when you stood by my side as my bride was the happiest day for me and ever since then I have deeply cherished each moment spent with you.

Since it is our anniversary today and I am far from you, I just want to let you know that I am deeply missing you. I just can’t wait to look into your eyes and say that I really love you. Darling, you are the true love of my life and the days spent with you are no less than the moments of paradise. All through these 3 years of our togetherness, you have always been a wonderful wife, a great friend and a true mentor. With you, I have always felt on the top of the world and I promise that I will forever treat you like a princess.

I once again wish you a very happy anniversary and pray for our lifelong love. Sweetheart I love you and I will always do.

With love,