A pharmacy residency letter of intent is a letter written by a person who is interested in a pharmacy residency and is applying for the same by expressing his intent for the particular residency program at a college or any other institution. The structure and tone of these letters is formal.

Sample Pharmacy Residency Letter of Intent:


Joseph Mathews

Senior pharmacist

Jacob Pharmaceutical Company


Date: 3rd March 2014

Subject: letter of intent for pharmacy residency at your company

Dear Sir,

I, Michael Stark am writing this letter to you with the intent of applying for the residency program offered by your company. I came across the entry requirements for this program through the company website and decided to apply for it. I believe that my skills, interest in the field, previous education qualifications and fair amount of experience make me a suitable candidate to pursue this program.

Your organization has certain set of principles and beliefs as far as pharmacy is concerned and I, as an individual and enthusiast of this field, believe in these principles too. I have pursued my bachelors and masters in pharmacy from City University, London and have also worked in a pharmaceutical company in London for a period of 2 years to gain required experience. In these 2 years, I was able to polish my skills, expand my domain of knowledge and understand my own capabilities and growth scope.

I am enclosing a copy of all my documents and credentials so that you can refer them and hope you will consider me for this program.

Thanking you

Michael Stark