Mention the name of the recipient/lawyer/judge/ any legal authority

Specify the designation of the recipient

Mention the complete address of the recipient or the address of the legal institute

Date: Mention the date on which the letter is written

Subject:  A short and a precise subject to the letter is stated.

Respected____________, [salutation/greetings to the recipient]

PARAGRAPH 1: This is an opening paragraph of the legal letter. Here the sender has to mention the reason of drafting his or her letter. The letter begins with providing references, if any. This paragraph contains sender’s real purpose behind writing the legal letter.

PARAGRAPH 2: This is the body of the legal letter. This paragraph is used by the sender to express his or her purpose. It supports the evidences, skills, experiments, and experiences etc that are needed to highlight the importance of the legal letter. All the important information and details are to be mentioned in the body of the letter.

PARAGRAPH 3: This is the closing paragraph wherein the sender concludes his or her legal letter. This contains a note of thanks to the recipient.


Mention the name of the sender

Designation of the sender, if any


______________ [sender’s contact information]