Office Leave Letter

By | September 30, 2014

An office leave letter is a formally drafted letter which is used by an employee to ask for permission to go on leave from work. The letter is addressed to the employer or a senior in the office space and must state the duration and reason of leave. A sample is provided below for everyone’s reference.

Sample Office Leave Letter:


Cynthia Adams

Manager, Human Resources Department

Dawson International Company

Head Office

1111, Putney bridge road, Putney

Leeds, United Kingdom

Date: 9th Aug 2014

Subject: office leave letter

Respected Ma’am

I, Donna Jackson, the receptionist working at the head office of Dawson International Company am writing this letter to you to apply for a leave from work for duration of 3 days.  I really hope that you will give me permission as it is very important for me.

I am asking for this 3 day leave permission because my mother is extremely ill and needs my help and support at this time. She is suffering from breast cancer and my father has to go out of town for some important work. In his absence, I would need to be with my mother from 13th Aug to 15th Aug. I promise to be back ok work from 16th Aug onwards.

I have explained all my duties to Jessica Biel and she would be willing to take over my position during my absence. I have completed the entire major task in advance to ensure that the office runs smoothly.

Thanking you

Donna Jackson