Williams Darwin

Sales Employee

Fortune Enterprises Limited



7th January 2014

Subject: Medical leave letter to employee

Mr. Darwin,

I am writing this letter in reference to the medical leave request letter that you sent to us on 3rd January 2014. We have carefully reviewed your request and on the basis of medical grounds, your leave application has been accepted by the board of management. This is to inform you that you have been sanctioned for 4 days medical leaves, effective from 10th January 2014.

As you have been a hardworking employee of this company, you will be paid dues and salary against your medical leave of absence. Also, during the course of your absence, we have automatically handed your duties to your colleague, Mr. Ronald. We are glad to note that you have already submitted the projects and sales reports that were with you, before going on your medical leaves.

We wish that you get well really soon and return back to the work in the pink of your health. Enclosed with this letter is a signed document of your medical leave approval form that you need to submit at company’s reception. We hope for your quicker recovery.



Joe Martin

HR Manager