Maternity Leave Request Letter

By | March 26, 2014


George Peterson

Senior Manager, Sales Department

Joe’s Sales Agency



7th January 2014

Subject: Maternity leave request letter

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to formally request for 8 weeks maternity leave, following the birth of my child. My pregnancy’s due date is 15th January 2014 and therefore I would like to begin my maternity leaves from 10th January 2014. Through this letter, I would like to apply for the maternity leaves, effective from 10th January and would return to work from 10th March.

I understand that my maternity leave would require a temporary replacement and I assure you that I would train him or her and would update the duties and responsibilities, if needed. Also, I have submitted the projects and report files that were with me to Mr. Darwin, sales head of our team. In the mean time, I have handed over my duties to my colleague Ms. Martha and she will update me about the immediate needs or emergencies, if any.

I have enclosed my pregnancy certificates, leave of absence records and medical documents for your kind referral. I request you to kindly sanction my maternity leave application and let me know if I am of any assistance to you.

Thanking you.


Jenny Wills

Sales Executive