Sheena John Smith

Human Resource Director

Coco Cola Ltd

Virginia, USA

Date: 15-10-2013

Sub: Maternity Leave Application

Dear Madam,

With due respect, I would like to request you to allow me in taking maternity leave starting from November 15th, 2013 to May 15th,2013. As you know that I am going on family way and my baby is due on 17th March 2013, I would require as minimum as 6 months’ of leave for maternity purpose.

As per company policy, an employee who has completed minimum 3 years’ of service with Coco Cola Ltd, can avail maximum six months’ leave on maternity purpose. Being an employee from 2009 onwards and consistent performer, I would like to avail all the benefits and leaves of entire maternity policy. Since my baby is expected in the month of March, I would need two months’ more time so that I can spend time with baby right after delivery. If you check my leave status for last few years, you will notice that I haven’t taken much leave and left with few annual leaves as well. If there is any complication related to my delivery or any emergency, I shall inform you accordingly so that I can take the left-over annual leaves as well. It is pertinent that my leave will be treated as “Leave without Pay” for last three months as per company policy and I do accept the same.

I, therefore, will be grateful to you if you consider my situation and grant me to avail the maternity leave. I would request you to confirm the dates of leave and joining date as well. I will be reached at +100 21458 2115 during the leave period if anything is required related to work and I shall complete the temporary hand over process as well.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

Scorch Browne

Employee Code: CC2154