A leave approval letter is one that is written by a company to an employee who has requested for leave. The letter informs the employee about the approval of his/her leave. A sample letter for reference is given below.

Sample Leave Approval Letter:


Alice Thomson

#7, Kentucky,


Date :- 29th August 2013

Sub – Approval of leave application

Dear Alice,

We are writing in response to your leave application dated 20th August 2013. The management has reviewed your extension of maternity leave application. As per your letter we understand that your baby is born prematurely and requires your personal care and attention for some more months. We also received the medical certificate that was attached along with your leave application letter.

We are glad to tell you that on account of this and taking a humanitarian consideration, management has decided to extend your leave further until the end of November 2013 as requested by you. As of now you are required to resume services from the 1st of December 2013. We therefore request you to kindly come over to the office for a couple of hours in this week to handover your work and responsibilities to your immediate superior. This will ensure smooth flow of activities in your absence until you are back to work.

We wish you and your baby all the very best and speedy recovery during your leave period. Hope to see you back at our office in a hale and healthy manner subsequent to your leave period.

Best regards,

Anthony Paul

HR Manager

All Shine Limited.