Job rejection thank you letter is a professional letter which is written by a job applicant to the recruiter while the candidate faces a rejection. It is a letter to the hiring manager respecting his decision and thanking for giving the opportunity of interview. The letter is important as it is the other way of asking the recruiter for keeping the candidate in mind during future opportunity. A thank you letter is written to acknowledge their rejection and asking feedback regarding how the candidate could have performed in better ways. The tone of the letter should be courteous and polite.

Sample Job Rejection Thank You Letter:


Mr. Stephen Collingwood

PVR Technologies

Chicago, USA

Date: 13th August 13, 2014

Sub: Thank You Letter

Dear Mr. Stephen Collingwood,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to apply for the job in your company. It was a great experience. It provided me with the opportunity to learn the recruiting process of a corporate world. Thank you for the time, courtesy and consideration from your part during the interview process.

Though I am keenly disappointed at not getting selected for the job but I am honored to know that I was among the shortlisted candidate. I appreciate that your selection procedure for the candidates was very refined. It was a great opportunity for me to learn about your organization. It was great to know how the employees in your company work with utmost professionalism.

It is my heartiest thanks to you for letting me know the areas where I need to pay attention for performing well. I hope to work with you in future. Thanks again for all the efforts from your part. I request you to consider me for any job openings in future.

Yours sincerely

John Herriot