A job promotion proposal letter is an official proposal to the higher authorities of an organization. This application is addressed by an employee who served the organization for a certain period of time and seeks a promotion in his designation for his work experience and capabilities and denotes how his promotion would benefit the organization.

Sample Job Promotion Proposal Letter:


Richard Dave

HR Manager,

PV Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

12th Alberta Street,

New Jersey, USA.

Date: 14 July, 2014.

Sub: Application for the proposal of a probable promotion.

Dear Sir,

As you might already be aware that I have been working for PV Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for the past 3 years. I have headed the Data Analysis Department for the past 2 years and my responsibilities in this area have been to plan and prepare financial balance sheets of our potential clients, create and analyze their credit history and prepare credit data sheet. As you already know that the ‘Child welfare Plan’ from our department have been my brainchild and this scheme has earned tremendous profit to our company.

I have always been a creative, hardworking and dedicated worker of this organization. I consider I have gained enough knowledge and experience in this particular field. I would like to climb higher and be entitled to perform additional duties to prove my efficiency and dedication for this company once again. I would therefore request you to take into consideration, my honest plea to promote me to the post of Junior Research Analyst in this company.

Thanking you for your kind attention and sincere consideration.


Anna Dave


Data Analysis Department

PV Solutions Pvt. Ltd.