On many occasion an organization evaluates an employee’s performance. Job evaluation of a particular employee is necessary before awarding career promotions or setting pay raises. A negative job evaluation review can have a bad impact on an employee’s career. If any employee of the organization understands that his performance was wrongly reviewed than he can write an appeal letter to his employer which is known as job evaluation appeal letter. The letter should be professionally written and all the official requirements should be followed.

Sample Job Evaluation Appeal Letter:


Mr. Stephen Collingwood

Manager, SRMB Technology

Chicago, USA

Date: 14th august 2014

Sub: Appeal letter for job evaluation

Dear Mr. Collingwood,

I am hereby writing this appeal letter to request the management to reconsider my promotion denial order. It has been stated that I don’t deserve the promotion to the post of executive manager as I have a poor performance in the last project. If you kindly notice my generous contribution in the past years towards my team and organization then it would be helpful.

I believe before my promotion denial is finalized, my job evaluation should be reviewed. I have developed some unique contacts in the SRMB Technology. My past appraisals indicate that the company was aware of my innovation and creativity. I have shown consistently good performance in the past years.

I believe that my unique skills will help me to serve the organization better if I am given the opportunity. Thank you for taking the time to read and consider my request.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Gilbert

Sales executive, SRMB Technology