A job confirmation thank you letter is a letter which is written by a person in answer to a job offer by an organization. A confirmation letter should be followed up with a gracious thank you letter. The thank you letter is meant to be polite and official. It helps an employee to be on the good book of the recruiter and also to maintain good terms with the recruiter. Thus, the confirmation letter should be brief and clearly written.

Sample Job Confirmation Thank You Letter:


Mr. James Stevenson

SRMB Consultancy

Chicago, USA

Date: 13th August 13, 2014

Sub: Thank you letter for job confirmation

Dear Mr. Stevenson

I am writing this letter to thank you for considering me eligible for the job post of assistant manager at SRMB Consultancy. I feel fortunate enough to be one of the final selections of your company.

I am eager to work with your team as soon as possible and hope to make decent contribution towards your organization. The work is exactly what I have prepared for and hoped to do and I earnestly thank you for giving me the opportunity. As we discussed I shall report to work on 19th August, 2014. I understand that my annual salary would be $25,000 and I shall receive full payment during my training period.

If there is any paperwork or personal evaluation that I need to do before joining please let me know. Thank you once again for showing confidence in me. I look forward to the first day of contributing to the success of SRMB consultancy.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Gilbert