A job acceptance thank you letter is an official way to answer a job offer from a reputed company. A thank you letter on acceptance is must on receiving a job offer. It helps the employee to be on positive terms with the recruiters. To follow up a job offer with a thank you letter is not only one of the good etiquette but it might also helps the employee to avoid any legal questions that may arise in future over terms of employment.

Sample Job Acceptance Thank You Letter:


Mr. Robinson Cook


Chicago USA

Date: 13th August 2014

Sub: Job Acceptance thank you letter

Dear Mr. Cook

I am fortunate enough to get a job offer in your company. I am writing this letter to thank you for considering me eligible for the position of system analyst in SRMB Consultancy and I am pleased to accept it. I am eager to work and improve with your organization in the following years.

As it was discussed my yearly salary will be $25000 with other allowances. There will be a training of 30 days before my joining. I will be able to join your group on 25th August, 2014. Please let me know if any paperwork or personal evaluation is needed to be done before my joining date.

I am hopeful to make sincere contribution to your company in future. Thank you once again for showing confidence in me and considering me eligible enough for the position.

Yours sincerely

Richard Collingwood