Restaurant Invitation Letter

By | November 22, 2014

Restaurant invitation letter is written by the owner or respective authority of a restaurant inviting an individual/ entity for a certain event. The event can be anything ranging from a promotional event to a launch party or any other event. A sample letter wherein the restaurant owner is inviting press members to the restaurant’s anniversary party is being given below.

Sample Restaurant Invitation Letter:


Mr. James Harmon

Senior Reporter/ Hospitality Critic

Carson News Reports Ltd.

Brisk Lane, Mark Square Avenue

Chicago, United States of America.

18th September 2014

Subject: Invitation to the anniversary party.

Mr. James Harmon

I, Mrs. Kelly Kenner am writing this letter to inform you about the 5th anniversary celebration for our restaurant. You are a prominent member of the hospitality critics’ society and have been our long standing client.

On the occasion of our anniversary we are throwing a party for all of our business associates and important customers who have helped us become one of the best restaurants in the city. And you are a part of both these groups, which is why we will be very happy if you could join us in our celebrations. The celebrations of another year of successful service will be organised at our Manhattan outlet on the 26th of September 2014. The event is a themed party and the theme is ‘retro fusion’.

We have enclosed with this letter the formal invite card for the party. Please feel free to contact us for additional invites.

With best wishes

Mrs. Kelly Kenner

Senior Associate Manager

Viva ‘le Restaurants Ltd.