Invitation Letter To Conference

By | September 7, 2014

An invitation letter to conference is a letter which is written by a person to invite another individual or group of people to a conference.  Such a letter must consist of the details of the conference including the purpose for which it is being held, the date and time of the conference as well as its venue.

Sample Invitation Letter To Conference:


John Maddison

Senior Marketing Manager

William Corporation Private Limited

W-45, westin road, Charles Bridge, London

United Kingdom

Date: 19th May 2014

Subject: invitation letter to conference

Mr. Maddison

I, Clara Andrews, on behalf of Timothy Incorporation am writing this letter to you to invite you to our upcoming business conference in London.  Every year, our company organizes this conference and welcomes its business partners and associates to discuss ideas, share business insights and plan business deals. You, as the marketing head of your company are requested to be presented to share your wisdom and knowledge with all of us.

The yearly conference will be held at Hilton Hotel, Putney Road, London on 25th May 2014 and will start at sharp 6 pm in the evening. I am sending across the batch with your name and you would need to get this batch along with you when you come to the conference. You are especially requested to be on time because we have organized a special opening ceremony to add a little touch of entertainment for our guests.

Looking forward to seeing you on the conference,

Thanking you


Clara Andrews