When someone is to travel to certain countries like the United States, the applicant must have an invite from a resident in the country. The letter written by such resident to the applicant is referred to as the invitation letter for visitor visa and it is on the basis of this letter that the visa is issued to a visitor.

Sample Invitation Letter for Visitor Visa:


Mrs. Kara Ahmed

456/23, Main Street Area

Santa Cruz, Mumbai



24th July 2014

Subject: Invitation for the visitor visa application.

Dear Mrs. Kara Ahmed

I am writing this letter to you as an invitation for a vacation in the United States, that we’d like you to spend with us just as we previously discussed.

All your travel arrangements including both side airways and travel here in States, your living arrangement i.e. arrangements of your stay have been made by us. We will be financing all of the arrangements and all other expenses including food, travel etc. We have made plans for all of us to visit places like the Washington DC, Niagara Falls, the 9/11 memorial and many other places. It will be a great opportunity for you to see the culture and lifestyle that we are living in.

It would be great fun for you come here and for all of us to have a good time together. I am enclosing with this letter all the formal documents that you will be needed to submit with the US consulate in Mumbai to get the visa issued.

Hoping to see you soon

Mrs. Maria Hills

New Jersey, USA.