Invitation Letter For Visa

By | September 7, 2014

An invitation letter for visa is that letter which is written to invite someone to his/her country as a sponsor or host so that the invitee can use the letter for visa purpose.  Such letters are used by those who are planning to stay at someone’s house during their stay in another country.

Sample Invitation Letter For Visa:


Raymond Radcliff

J-67, Parkson Street, Henry estate, London

United Kingdom

Date: 19th June 2014

Subject: inviting you to my house and my country

Dearest Raymond

I, Paula Andrews, your loving aunt am writing to you today to invite you to visit me in the US to join me and my family for the wedding ceremony of my son and your cousin.  It will be our pleasure to be your hosts during your stay in our country.

My son is getting married on 3rd August 2014 but the other functions will start about a week in advance. So I am inviting you from 28th July till 5th August so that you can plan accordingly and apply for visa and leave from work.  For your confirmation, my address in US is 4, Timothy Street, Park Avenue, New York. If possible, do ask your mother to come along too as it will be great if I could meet my loving sister after all these years.

Jenna, your sister has requested to bring along her favorite cake made by my sister so do bring it along when you come.

Really looking forward to having you,

With love,

Paula Anderson