Graduation Invitation Letter

By | November 22, 2014

The graduation invitation letter refers to the letter written by a graduating student to someone he/ she wants to invite for his/ her graduation ceremony.  The sample graduation invitation letter given below displays a student inviting his school teacher and mentor for his bachelors’ degree graduation ceremony.

Sample Graduation Invitation Letter:


Mr. Liam Sanders

Head of Science Department

Marko Anton West High School

Platen Creek, West Pennsylvania

United States of America

29th September 2014

Subject: An invitation letter for the graduation ceremony.

Dear Mr. Sanders

I, John Carmon, am writing this letter to inform you that I have completed my graduation in bachelors of technical engineering from the Maraca University, Pennsylvania.

Sir, you were the only mentor I had in the course of my high school education and it is because of the character you helped me achieve that I have reached this state. I have been declared the valedictorian of the batch of 2011- 2014. The graduation ceremony is being held in the college premises on the 15th of October 2014. I would like to invite you for the ceremony.

I have made all the necessary arrangements for your visit and stay.  I am herewith enclosing the copy of the invitation with this letter. I just wish that you can make the time and grant me the privilege of being present at the ceremony of the future you moulded. Hoping to see you at the ceremony,

With utmost regards

Mr. John Carmon

Valedictorian (passing batch- 2014)

Maraca University