A business formal invitation letter by definition is a letter written by a business entity to formally invite another entity, individual like client etc. The invitation is sent out for some formal event like a party, a meeting or a conference etc. and hence must contain appropriate details of the event.

Sample Business Formal Invitation Letter:


Mr. Barry Boss

Chief Executive Officer/ Co- Founder

Boss & Campton Financial Securities Pvt Ltd

Lexington Towers- II, R. Avenue

Upper Manhattan, New York

United States of America

16th September 2014

Subject: Invitation for the Annual Charity Gala 2014

Respected Mr. Barry

It’s the time of the year again, when Hugh & Mosses Enterprises organise the annual charity gala event, and we would like to cordially invite you for the same.

Our organisation has been in business relations with B&C for almost 30 years now and since more than two decades we have been enjoying more than just a professional relationship. We hold our alliance with your organisation at high regards and would like for you to be a part of the gala to be held on the 27th of September, 2014 at the Town Hall, Upper Manhattan, New York.

We hope that you will oblige us by being a part of the event and contributing to the social cause we all hold close to our hearts- “American Soldiers of the War: Rehabilitation”. Official invite is enclosed with the letter.

With warmth and regards

Mr. Hugh Ribs

Chief Executive Officer

Hugh & Mosses Enterprises

Contact No.: 57845673