Interview Cancellation Letter

By | October 17, 2014

An interview cancellation letter is a type of a letter which is written in order to inform interview applicants about the cancellation of the interview. The letter must state clearly why the interview has been cancelled and must given information about interview rescheduling. A sample of one such letter is given below and can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample Interview Cancellation Letter:


Gregg Brown

A-45, first road corner, Westside Avenue

Jackson Bridge, London

United Kingdom

Date: 9th May 2014

Subject: informing about the cancellation of the interview

Dear Mr. Brown

I, Paula Anderson, the receptionist for Mr. Adams of Radcliff Enterprises am writing this letter to inform you that the interview for the position of an office manager that was scheduled for 13th May 2014 has been cancelled.

I am sorry to inform you that the interview has been cancelled indefinitely and the revised date for the procedure hasn’t yet been decided. Due to the ill health of Mr. Adams, the interview has been called off but I wish to assure you that it will take place within the next 10 days itself.   As soon as I have a fixed date and time, I shall give you a call or write you an email regarding it.

I am really sorry for the inconvenience that this must have caused you and wish to apologize from Mr. Adams side as well.

Will keep you posted about the interview date. Thanks for your co-operation and understanding.

Thanking you,

Paula Anderson

Radcliff Enterprises