Interview Appreciation Letter

By | October 17, 2014

An interview appreciation letter is a letter which is written by a person to express his/her gratitude towards an interviewer or prospective employer for conducting the interview. The letter must convey appreciation and should sound professional at the same time. A sample of an interview appreciation letter is provided below.

Sample Interview Appreciation Letter:


Jack Donalds

Interviewer, Timothy Group of companies

A-67, second floor, Reynold tower,

Gregson corporate area, Birmingham

United Kingdom

Date: 17th July 2014

Subject: interview appreciation letter

Respected Sir,

I, Sarah Pascal, the applicant for the position of a receptionist am writing this letter to you to express my gratitude towards you for conducting my job interview.  My interview was on 15th July 2014 and was taken by you and Mr. Billy Jackson.

This job interview meant a lot to me since I have been trying to work at your company for a long time now.  I wish to convey my appreciation towards you for conducting the interview and being so patient and understanding.  The interview went very smoothly and whatever nervousness I was feeling disappeared when you striked a casual approach to the interview. Sir, I would like to add that I am very interested in this job and would work to the best of my abilities, if given a chance.

Working at the position of a receptionist at this prestigious company will add many stars to my profile and would open up many new doors for me. I am looking forward to your decision.

Thanking you again

Sarah Pascal