Internship Rejection Letter

By | June 8, 2015

An Internship Rejection letter is a letter made by the company or  organization to an applicant by informing that his or her application for the post of internship is rejected. In this letter, it will provide the information of why it is being rejected in a polite and professional manner but deals with a company’s reputation.

Sample Internship Rejection Letter

Edward Pole

78 Southwest Side Street

LA, California, 34670

May 22, 2015

Subject: Letter for rejection of internship

Dear Edward Pole,

Good day Edward! This is a letter made for you informing of your application for the position of accounting department as an intern is unfortunately rejected.

There is no doubt that you have an ideal good academic background based on the requirements that you have submitted with us earlier but it would be an advantage if you are a graduate from accounting course and that we are looking for the candidate related to this field.

As we review your curriculum vitae,  you are graduated with a degree of Bachelor in Arts and have no knowledge and experience related in accounting, your qualification is not suited for the said position.

Thank you for applying with us and if there is available vacancy according to your educational background, you will be informed. We will keep your record on hand.


Emmanuel Worth

Recruitment Manager

ABC Company