Internship Letter To Bank

By | December 20, 2014

An internship letter to banks refers to all those letters written by an individual to a banking organisation either seeking for or making any inquiry about an internship. The letter includes all the inquiry letters, application letters; acceptance letters and any other letter type which pertains to the matter of the internship at the respective bank.-

Sample Internship Letter to Bank:


Mrs. Mira Jameson

Head, Banking Services & Administration

Heaps & Loads Banks Pvt. Ltd

New York, United States.

8th June 2014

Subject: Application for the internship program at the bank.

Mrs. Jameson

I, Richard Erickson, am a student enrolled in the undergraduate finance program at the New York University.  I am writing this letter to apply for an internship program position at the bank.

As per the university rules all the students of undergraduate study have to undergo an internship at any financial institution. Many of the seniors at the university have completed their internships at this prestigious organisation and they hinted at a long standing relation between the university and the bank. I believe that this internship program is a perfect fit for me and I will be able to learn a lot including work ethics from this organisation. Please consider this letter as my application for the said internship program. I assure you that I am a very dedicated individual and if given an opportunity I will leave no stone unturned in my quest for knowledge and experience.

Enclosed with this letter are copies of my transcripts and recommendations from my teachers.  Awaiting a reply.


Mr. Richard Erickson