To conduct an inquiry about the training procedure, training status, training vacancy or any other aspect of training the inquirer needs to write a letter to the entity from which inquiry is being made. Such a letter is referred to as a training inquiry letter.

Sample Training Inquiry Letter:


Mr. Robert Cohen

Head Trainer, Sales Department

Gibbs & Martin Corporation Ltd.

Mainland Area, California

United States of America.

4th October 2014

Subject: Inquiring about the progress of the training program.

Mr. Cohen

We are writing this letter to inquire about the status and progress pattern of the training program you are conducting for the trainees hired by the organisations’ sales department on 1st September, 2014.

This inquiry about the progress of the trainee comes as the monthly progress summary. The management authorities would like for you to provide them with a detailed report of the plans and stages of training implemented so far and the performance status of the trainees. It is also required of you to provide the management with the list of the 3 top most trainees who have performed the best in the program so far and 3 trainees whose performance as been least impressive so far. The management needs to fill a few vacancies in the sales department which you are well aware of.

You are required to submit an answer for all the above mentioned queries and all detailed reports within next 24 hours.

Thanks and Regards

Mrs. Lily Hicks

Senior Executive Manager,

Human Resources Department